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R-005 CD
October 2004

2004 Scarletta.
All rights reserved.
Produced by Scott Piteo with Scarletta.
Engineered by Scott Piteo.

streaming mp3 files
01. The Boys Club

02. Say Another Prayer
03. Might Have Seen
04. Watching Over Me
05. Superstar
06. Lullaby
07. Believe In You
08. Smoke & Mirrors
09. Premonition
10. You Should Be Mine


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Full lyrics in 8-page booklet.

All songs written by Balisky/Piteo/Caples/Udy, except "Watching Over Me", "Superstar", "Smoke & Mirrors", "Premonition" and "You Should Be Mine" written by Balisky/Piteo.

"Scarletta" Reviews:

"SCARLETTA - a band from Seattle, self titled album (their web site is
Ok, I really liked what i heard from this band. I played the clips on their web site and it is definately on my list of what to buy. It sort of reminds me of - well - that is the problem - it is sort of original and that is what i like in a band. It has female vocals and lots of guitars - but there is spirit and passion here and the songs address everything from deep feelings to pop sentiment. The lead singer sounds like PJ Harvey or Pat Benitar sometimes, Gwen Stefani - but the music is definately indie rock - with bits of electronic, bursts of guitar and sometimes just jammin. I am adding it to my wish list." Rated: 4.5 stars --Dabby, Feb05
"Check out this rockin American band...I saw their site on CD Baby (where you can hear the tracks) and it rocks. The music has hard guitars and the lead girl singer reminds me of i don't know - but she can belt it out and can ACTUALLY sing. I was not bored. Good tunes. Fav track 'Might Have Seen'. Interesting new stuff. They are an alternative rock band and sound like i've heard them before on the radio." Rated: 5 stars --horse, Oct04

"The first thing that came to my mind when I put this cd on was this was the kind of really cool band that was on some movie that sucked but you were like I have to get this bands cd they're amazing. That's meant as a compliment as I was blown away by the vocals and musically ability of the band. This is an amazing cd where every song is different that will apeal to many people of diverse backgrounds and ages. There was something vagely familiar about the sound but I couldn't place it. As I was listening to the cd five different people walked in and were like "what's that it's really good!" I love the energy in "Watching Over Me". This cd has what it takes to make listeners want to get up and do something which I assume serves them well live. My favorite track is probably "Smoke and Mirrors". This is the fifth release for Scarletta (formerly Electra) and I can't wait to hear more. If every band put the effort and care into their work as this band seems to, Seattle would be back on top." --Elizabeth Benavidez, Oct04

"This band was formerly known as Electra and then underwent a name change to Scarletta. They come out of Seattle. I like this CD. I like the moody lyrics and the passionate singing. The musicianship on this CD is very good. I can't really think of one song on here that I don't enjoy listening to. Nice to see another female fronted band rocking out there." --Dec04
"I absolutely love that CD." --Angela Monger, editor, Dec04

"Scarletta is the band formally known as Electra, now recording their fifth album under the new name. Yes, like the band's press releases state, it does rock, but what is probably most outstanding is the first track. Not because it's first, but because Scarletta's seems the most in sync on it. "The Boys Club" is Scarletta at its best. Strong lead vocals and intense electric guitar. Other tracks like "You Should Be Mine" stand out but "The Boys Club" is a track that can easily appear on any soundtrack." --Maria Spanadoris, Nov04

"let's hear more from this cool Seattle the variety, the sound, the v ***** FIVE STARS:
Great sounding clips from some music masters that deserve to be heard. It is a little gem on the map of new CD's and bands that should be on the indie scene radio alot more. Like your stuff guys. Great work." --Musiczine Pilgrim, Feb05
"I like your sound! ***** FIVE STARS:
Nice to hear a rock band with a girl who can sing! I like the music - it is intense - and keeps you interested!" --Cherie Everson, Oct04

"cool music, liked the tracks, you guys rock:
liked this vibe cuz it is different and like the female vocals. they kick ass. the sound is stormy rock and roll with lightening." --Jake, Oct04

"I liked this band because they don't sound like everyone else. Their music is attention getting and the combinations fascinating. It is well produced. I give it a great rating." --Andreas, Oct04

"Scarletta DOES rock! ***** FIVE STARS:
Really liked the music...i listened first on CD Baby and then on their web site ( Some good well crafted tunes from yet another talented Seattle band. Keep up the good work! Fresh sounding agressive indie rock." --Jonas W. (USA), Oct04

Both "Believe in You" and "The Boys Club" have great energy and passion. "The Boys Club" inventive, naughty vocal has a lot of emotion and a great theme. The guitar lead is HOT - do it more often - please!!
TAXI Critiques

Munich's Hardest Hits - Germany's No. 1 Rock-Station im Internet ...tune in!
The song "Might Have Seen" was placed in rotation.

Live At The Central
R-004 CD
November 2003

1998-2003 Electra.
All rights reserved. Recorded live at The Central Saloon, Seattle, Washington, March 5, 2003.

streaming mp3 files
01. The Light Moves
02. Over And Over
03. Who Wants to Be
04. Believe in You
05. So Pretty
06. Might Have Seen
07. Europa
08. Sees the Future
09. A Roomful of Candy
10. Premonition
11. Lullaby
12. Watching Over Me
13. Talk to Me
14. Don't Forget to Sleep


All songs written by Balisky/Piteo/Caples/Udy, except "The Light Moves", "A Roomful of Candy", "Premonition", "Watching Over Me" and "Don't Forget to Sleep" written by Balisky/Piteo.

R-003 CD
April 2002

2002 Electra.
All rights reserved.
Produced and engineered by Scott Piteo.

streaming mp3 files
01. Over and Over
02. Who Wants to Be
03. Europa
04. Want Water
05. Sees the Future
06. Talk to Me
07. Weightless
08. Open the Door
09. Dreamy Day
10. A Million Miles


Our "Pulse" music clips don't work with your computer?
Then try:
...the three songs at Giant Radio


All songs written by Balisky/Piteo/Caples/Udy, except "Weightless" and "Open the Door" written by Balisky/Piteo, and "Dreamy Day" written by Piteo.

"Pulse" Review:

"Man this band ROCKS! Cool vocals, hot lead guitar, bass and drums. Right in your face ROCK on every burnin track. Definitely recommend a 'BUY' on this one people, you won't be disappointed. Call your local radio stations and request ANYTHING from ELECTRA." --Jason

A Roomful Of Candy
R-002 CD
March 2000

2000, 1998 Electra.
All rights reserved.
Produced and engineered by Scott Piteo.

streaming mp3 files
01. Tomorrowland
02. I Can't Get It On
03. So Pretty
04. All You Care to Love
05. Cry, Cry, Cry
06. A Roomful of Candy
07. The Light Moves
08. How to Fly
09. Don't Forget to Sleep
10. April Knows Everything
11. A Part of You
12. Real
13. The Way We Live
14. It's the End


Only a few left for sale.

All songs written by Balisky/Piteo, except "So Pretty" written by Balisky/Piteo/Caples/Udy.

"A Roomful Of Candy" Reviews:

"Electra swipe at you with razor-sharp guitars that leave deep gorges in their songs, but stop just short of drawing blood. The tough-girl lead singer whispers seductively before lashing out at anyone naive enough to be drawn in."

"i thought this was fun and fresh but moody - the web site had good clips too - i highly reccommend you listen - a wide variety of songwriting skills" --ADAM UK, Aug04
"really liked the energy of the music...glad to see new artists like this one" --Joy, Aug04
"some fun stuff - enjoyed listening and the web site too.." --Bobbiex, July04

R-001 CD
November 1998

1998 Electra.
All rights reserved.
Produced and engineered by Scott Piteo.

streaming mp3 files
01. Tomorrowland
02. I Can't Get It On
03. Cry, Cry, Cry
04. A Responsible Girl
05. Loves Me Not
06. All You Care to Love
07. The Black Hole
08. Elusive
09. April Knows Everything
10. Don't Forget to Sleep
11. Blue Gardens
12. The Way We Live
13. It's the End

(but you can try and ask Scott)

All songs written by Balisky/Piteo.

"Electra" Reviews:

"ELECTRA play good, old-fashioned rock 'n roll. The strong female vocalist, in front of a band that knows its craft, is reminiscent of Pat Benatar, only harder-edged. The song "All You Care to Love" won't leave my head. Check 'em out."
The Rocket

"I Can't Get it On is one the best songs I have reviewed. Probably the best. It has a great buildup and good melodies. I like the harmony vocals a lot too." --Coov, Tacoma WA

"(I Can't Get it On) Catchy groove... Get It On! Grrl Power! That was a fast 5 minutes!" --Yap, Monterey CA

"Great tunes... Very original. I hear a lot of 80's influence, as well as some Garbage." --Carmel, Indiana

"Very punchy with strong vocals." --Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

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